A new culture means to consider something different as normality than before. We are currently experiencing polarization, the escalation of crises, a threat to freedom, peace, and health. And yet: our vision is a culture of interconnectedness of all life, a tangible society based on trust, cooperation and gratitude.

The outer change that is currently happening globally makes a profound inner change inevitable. The upcoming transformation affects all areas of our lives: how we think and live, love, work, act and communicate. We need friends on whom we can rely. In the Summercamp we start with a look into the world. We confront ourselves with current social and ecological challenges and look at how we can respond to them.

Then we will look at the inner causes of the outer crisis: the loss of meaning, trust, love and home. What does it mean to be at home again as a human being in trust and a greater we? What different choises can we make now?  From this inner point of contact, we consciously shape the change that the world needs from us now.

Rarely has human society been so globally shaken and jolted out of "normopathy" as it is now by "Corona." We do not want to go back to the comfort zone of the old normality. We recognize how this massively endangers our livelihoods. The question is: Can we use this worldwide destabilization for a positive movement?

We believe: Yes. Our culture needs an update. From narcissistic circling around ourselves to compassion for all living things. Such a shift in consciousness will bring about a new culture. Let's work on it!