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"We can see how so many of our efforts to change the world represent habits of separation (click) and inevitably lead us to repeat the same thing over and over again in infinite refinement."      Charles Eisenstein(requested for the camp)

Concretely, it's about...

  • Was euch erwartet konkret
  • a joint exploration and exploration of separating and connecting structures - in us and culturally
  • community as a place of warmth and trust among people
  • our most basic needs - security, being accepted and affiliation, and how well nourished these are
  • the extension of our spaces of action and possibility
  • create collective intelligence and co-creation in the common field
  • Eros and sensuality as life force
  • Mindfulness and authentic, lively contact
  • play, expand, experiment, dwell ... in us and the world
  • slowing down and deepening and integrating the experienced
    for example relax in home groups or at the "touch point"
  • political "sacred" activism born of belonging and nourishing us
  • the recognition of ourselves as a connected part of the whole organism

musikerfoto was euch erwartetBesides...

* joint celebrations under the stars, theater, concerts, performances, open stage, dancing, music, ...

* quieter corners for relaxation, digestion and silence.

help shape, open space, regional market place, ...

* to network and meet friends or meet new people

* be amazed by the beauty and opulence of the ZEGG site that has been lovingly maintained, renovated and renatured for more than 25 years!



Was euch erwartet konkret charles erstes bildWe will explore as well the separation culture (as Charles Eisenstein very aptly describes it) in which we live as the all-encompassing quality of "Interbeing ". In order to be able to grasp something so complex it is necessary to refer to aspects that we can grasp concretely. At the summer camp we will look at interbeing and separation from these 3 perspectives:

* Community - the knowledge and experience of living and communicating together, the connectedness among us humans.

* Body, Eros, life energy - the embodiment, sensuality, creatureliness of our being, which all too often is limited by our conditioning and thus cannot unfold its very own power and creativity.

* Political "sacred" activism - acting for more life-friendly structures in the social context, born from an attitude of nourished connectedness

From all these perspectives, we want to begin by examining the culture of separation and thus create greater awareness of the habits and structures in which we live and from which we relate to one another.

This as a first step and stocktaking or rather establishment to put us from there into a gap, the void. From this space we can then focus on a culture of solidarity and the quality of the "interbeings".

sommercamp campuskonzert DSC 0418Possible questions that we will move along this journey:

  • What are the next lived steps to leave these separation structures?
  • What happens when we come together in our humanity and communicate about what deeply moves our heart?
  • How do we come together in a creative-ingenious state, which creates awareness & healing - in the collective as well as in the personal?
  • What foundation and nurtured inner basis is needed to create change in a highly effective way?

We are excited about this exploring together and are looking forward to the summer and meeting you!

P.s. Bring your friends or the people you want to be friends with!
 Here's the flyer to forward!

 "The Tao never does anything, but it does all things. If powerful women and men could center themselves in the Tao, the whole world would change in its natural rhythm" Quote from the Tao te ching

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