Staying tender in times of crisis

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We dedicate this year's Summer-Camp to the quality of tenderness.

How do you show tenderness in times where various crises are present in our life and in ourselves? How can we be present with all this and still consciously choose to be tender?

We want to take you on a journey of 11 days, where we will explore this quality in a mindful manner - with the earth, with other people and ourselves. We invite you to feel together with us, to laugh together, to celebrate and dance together, to explore and dream.

A mindful contact with each other arises from the presence in the 'now' and the willingness to engage with what is and what may be about to emerge. This openness goes hand in hand with an individual and collective awareness of patterns of the past, that dictate our every action. At the same time, we practice listening to an accomplished future – a future that leads us into action serving the evolution of life itself.


Now is the time to be tender.



Welcome light!

Come as you are and take part. Let us come back into exchange and contact with each other. In the midst of the tensions between inner as well as outer crises and the hope & desire for a brighter, lighter and harmonic world: are you ready for e new beginning, for a celebration of life?

How are you able to stay tender? What are your own questions and impulses?


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