Peace lab of the present


ZEGG is a place of encounter & exchange where people from different cultures and countries come together to realise a common vision: a world of peace and harmony.

From 24.07. to 04.08. 2024 we cordially invite you again to our summer camp. It is an occasion to focus on something together and to create a platform for encounters beyond the daily work routine. This year we are looking at the question of how peace in relationships can succeed: with ourselves, with other people and with the world. In doing so, we move through the thematic fields of generations, privilege, love & eros as well as spirituality.

The central idea of our festivals is that each of us has the potential to bring about positive change in the world, and that together we are a force that promotes peace and harmony on earth. The temporary community we create together is the living space and vessel in which we move - where we dive in, refuel, meet and take courageous steps. A learning and growing together.

The camp offers a wealth of activities and workshops that help us to get to know ourselves better and to strengthen our relationships with others. More and more we involve our guests to actively participate. This year there will also be space for personal offerings, an open stage and probably an open space day.

Of course, there will be art, music, dance, and affinity groups during the festival!


Welcome light!

Come as you are and take part. Let us come back into exchange and contact with each other. In the midst of the tensions between inner as well as outer crises and the hope & desire for a brighter, lighter and harmonic world: are you ready for e new beginning, for a celebration of life?

How are you able to stay tender? What are your own questions and impulses?


The Summercamp Team

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