Culture Change 2.1 – The Decision

This year‘ s summer camp follows our vision for  a  tangible society  based on trust, cooperation and transparency. 
The question “How do you want to live?” was never more present than today. 

Which “normal” do you want – for yourself, your children, for life?
How much love do you dare? 
Which role does fear play in your life – are you ready to confront and change it?

Do you want a life in separation and isolation – or a life of closeness and cooperation?
Now is the time to set the course.


How does it feel
when you start to act more coherent
with your deeper inner connection and alignment? 

And what kind of society will this bring forth?

Let yourself be inspired and contribute your part to the great change.


For international and English speaking people we will broadcast all talks from the big tent live and provide you all recordings - we are happy to have you with us!

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