Love is political

Dear guests,
Unfortunately there are almost no international registrations. We apologize that we therefore cannot offer/guarantee an English translation. This applies to the entire camp, the lectures and the home groups. You are still welcome to take part and arrange a private one-to-one translation.


ZEGG is a place of encounter and exchange where people come together to realize a common vision: a world of peace and harmony.

From 24.07. to 04.08. 2024, ZEGG, Center for Experimental Social Design, cordially invites you to the summer camp. At 12 days, the summer camp is our largest and longest festival - where we align ourselves thematically together as part of our research into society and humanity and create a platform for encounters beyond everyday working life. This year, we are focusing on the political dimension of love and loving, the question of what makes love succeed and what makes it fail. We want to encourage humanity - with spaces for experience and exchange on the topics of presence, contact and development. We don't miss out on the celebrations either! Music, dance and culture complement our discourse. Especially important for international guests: register early so that we know whether an English-speaking group is coming together.

The central idea of our festivals is that each of us has the potential to bring about positive change in the world and that together we are a force that promotes love and humanity on earth. The temporary community we create together is the living space and vessel in which we move - where we immerse ourselves, recharge, meet and take courageous action.



Come as you are and take part. Let us come back into exchange and contact with each other. 

What does it take for us to meet and live together as loving beings?

 Presence ~ Contact ~ Unfolding

The Summercamp Team

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