Stop the world...

Summercamp in ZEGG

Long Stay: 26.07.–06.08.2017

Short Stay: 26.07.– 30.07.2017

 Attention – Short Stay date has changed !



July 26 – August 6, 2017

The Summer Camp is a large community event for anyone who wants to create change in themselves and the world. We grant multifaceted insights into the living experiment that ZEGG is, inviting you to gain an experience of community, including discussion, introspection, theory, creativity and mutual inspiration.

Make a pause & find new perspectives
– for your relationships, your community and society as a whole:

Live, love, experiment and celebrate for 11 days at ZEGG Summercamp

Especially In times of change we need spaces to wake up, to pause and reflect, to feel and sense the power of togetherness and solidarity. ZEGG Summercamp offers such a space: In talks with different speakers and in workshops we want to adress burning questions of our time. Everybody is invited to co-create in the open spaces. What do we contribute to a fair and peaceful way of living? What nourishes us to move forward in this aim?

There will be at least one english-speaking group..

There will be special groups for children and youth.

More information will soon be available!

We invite you to journey with us. Get on board for this exciting journey!
Come and celebrate with us as we experience a new and different Lifestyle and Culture together.


Lena Gebhardt, Hermann Haring & ZEGG Community
as well as other speakers and presenters (more info to follow)

Futhermore we have many beautiful Co-creators, founders, former members, friends and last but not least YOU as attendees and co-creators of a new culture.