From Ego to Compassion

Summercamp in ZEGG

Long Stay: 25.7. – 5.8.2018

Short Stay: 25. – 29.7.2018



July 25 – August 5, 2018

The Summer Camp is a large community event for anyone who wants to create change in themselves and the world. We grant multifaceted insights into the living experiment that ZEGG is, inviting you to gain an experience of community, including discussion, introspection, theory, creativity and mutual inspiration.

The late winter cold spell this year sees our Summer Camp 2018 beginning to take shape. This year’s theme will be: “From Ego to Compassion – A living workshop for personal and societal transformation.”

Make a pause & find new perspectives
– for your relationships, your community and society as a whole:

Live, love, experiment and celebrate for 11 days at ZEGG Summercamp

It is often the case that our thoughts, feelings and actions are led by our ego. This is guided by the thought and emotional behaviour patterns we have accumulated during our life. “If anyone tries to get smart with me, I’ll give them a thick ear!”, for example. Or perhaps: “I’d better keep quiet and stay out of the way.”

We have come to take it for granted that this is ‘what we are’. The ego is like an operating system that was written by other programmers and now separates us from our original, human core.

Compassion is an expression of this other, core state of being: innate to every human being, and based on trust, interconnection and love. The quest for this state of being can help us feel more deeply and re-discover ourselves, re-design our ways of living together, and heal our home planet from the destruction raged upon it by ego-driven powers.

This necessary individual and social transition will be the focus of our summer camp this year. For this, we will gather theory and knowledge, and create experiential spaces. Talks and workshops by external and ZEGG speakers, together with the community-oriented ‘home groups’ will form the basis of our 11-day programme. Alongside these there will be artistic activities, parties, silence, insights into life within the ZEGG community and the summer flair on our diverse site. As always, the Summer Camp is also a place to meet up with old friends and make new friendships with other like-minded people.

We are looking forward to you and the summer!

There will be at least one english-speaking group..

There will be special groups for children and youth.

More information will soon be available!

We invite you to journey with us. Get on board for this exciting journey!
Come and celebrate with us as we experience a new and different Lifestyle and Culture together.


Hermann Haring with team & ZEGG Community
as well as other speakers and presenters (more info to follow)

Futhermore we have many beautiful Co-creators, founders, former members, friends and last but not least YOU as attendees and co-creators of a new culture.

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