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Connectedness, Trust, and warmth
as a basis for social change

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We intend to set a cultural transformation impulse,...
moving from a culture of separation, based on fear and competition, into a culture of connectedness, based on trust and cooperation.

Entire camp: 24.7. – 4.8.2019
Short camp: 24. – 28.7.2019


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"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century
will not occur because of technology
but because of an expanding concept of
what it means to be human. "

John Naisbitt

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#fridays for future
"I've learned that you're never too small to make a difference."
Greta Thunberg

A workshop for personal and social change.
Eleven days living, loving,
exploring, celebrating, ... together

home 3. bildIt's serious. It's urgent. The crisis can no longer be talked away. But it is encouraging to see diverse, courageous, creative initiatives currently emerging everywhere to counter the destruction. Unfortunately, many people and change activists see themselves on the edge of a burnout, because while we strive for the new, we continue to travel in the old paradigm: We run and toil to the beat of what we want to overcome and are incorporated into the system instead of transforming it.

Gradually we begin to realize that change cannot be achieved out of this mode because we literally lack the ground beneath our feet.

"I put my foot into the air - and I was carried"
  Hilde Domin 

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* How can we regain another kind of stability and really be at home in ourselves and on this planet?

* How do we develop the ability to feel ourselves, each other and the earth?

* How do we foster inner and outer change without exhausting us?

* When do we feel that we are "carried" - trusting life and each other?

We can not find the answer alone. Trust can only happen together. In summer camp, we first want to to create a home among people. A space to be who and how we are, coming into present contact with others.

How does a culture look, smell, sound and feel like that is based on connectedness, trust and warmth? Exactly this... is what we want to explore together with you in these 11 days!

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 The summer camp will take shape more and more in the coming months - we will keep you up to date on these pages.

Welcome, bienvenu, bienvenido, benvenuto, bem-vindo!
Lena Gebhardt, Andreas Duda & the ZEGG-Community

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